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Tank Tops


Tank Tops
Tank Tops are some tank tops with very open back armhole. Its name comes from the resemblance it has with the "tank suits" that women used to bathe in the tank, to what we call today 'pools, The name' Tank Tops', is recorded in English since 1968, derives from its resemblance to the 'tank suits'.
The models are varied and we like the other garments of different materials, is a mus product used by women around the world, can be achieved in virtually all women's clothing business.
Tank Top
The sequined tank tops and an essential item for modern women is renewed on a brilliant design. This loose-fitting tank tops has a touch of glitz and glamor thanks to the shower of sequins covering this garment. This tank top is made of cotton and has imported viscose v-neck neckline adds a sexy, while its comfortable design gives it a very modern urban air. Can be combined with any outfit, is also perfect for casual and formal occasions.

Tank Tops 1
This Tank top, which can be used seamlessly with any outfit, defines the style of the season. The essential tank redefines fashion leisure thanks to its chic design with racerback casual back and a long longer than it superversátil. Available with or without embellishments in the garment and a wide range of colors and prints, so this piece is so essential sleeveless and we use every day.

There are a variety of styles for Tank tops with daily use, the other gives sequined glamor ideal for any event and tank tops perfect for the gym or playing sports.
After his debut in the 60s this garment became popular virtually worldwide, so its great variety of styles and materials used to manufacture them.